What Are We About?

What is I Need That BP about?

Well, we are a bit eccentric here. The primary focus is crocheting, knitting, needle arts, and everything that we can find that you will need to make the most incredible yarn art of your life!

I am Brenda BP, founder, and Chief Yarn Fiend! Textures! Colors! Smells (wool stinks)! I love it! I have crocheted since I was 11, which was decades ago. I started knitting about five years ago when I thought I had done everything I could with crochet. Then I discovered Ravelry. I was wrong! I was so wrong! There is so, so much more I can do! The next goal is to write my first pattern for release by February 2021!

Now I knit (making a sweater for my sister), crochet (making a Pan-African tablecloth for Christmas) and I am learning to sew (I needed masks and - - why not!). You will find things on this site that lean toward those obsessions on this site.

I am also an artist, trained at The Duke Ellington School of the Arts in DC and Howard University. So naturally, I spent 27 years in IT and management consulting. Shrug
But I still draw and paint, and I will be sharing those works as part of this blog also.

This site will also include things that I find interesting. One week may include baby clothes, the next month may focus on skateboarding. Let's see what happens.

We are all looking forward to meeting you. If there happens to be something that you want to find that has escaped your grasp that will make your creative work easier, let us know. Send an email to info@ineedthatbp.com or fill out this form!

Always Looking Forward,

Brenda BP
Chief Yarn Fiend
I Need That BP

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